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Local News BVI Local News from the Island Sun, BVI Beacon, Platinum News, VI Standpoint and BVI News
Island Sun
Local News
All of the following stories are from the Island Sun archives
(please note the date on these stories as part of their web address)
B-V-I Guide William Labrador Walks Free in Lois McMillen Murder
Island Sun
RTW 40th Anniversary (1st cargo vessel crosses ocean)
Island Sun Roadtown Wholesale - In the Beginning
Island Sun Minister discusses Telecoms and Infrastructural Projects
(Road Town to get first traffic light)
Belonger Status versus Citizenship: Constitutional Changes Explained
A Daring Rescue At Sea For Two BVI Residents
Former Miss World BVI departed this life
American Eagle Enhances Accessibility To The BVI
Co-Founder Of The Moorings Passes Away
Bomba's, Callwood Distillery and Others to be Honoured
 Andrew says BVI visit was a "wonderful experience"
Prince Andrew Visits Virgin Gorda
Little Dix Bay Celebrates 35th Anniversary
Rasta Law: Government to Consult Public
8-Year Old Boy Catches 365 Pound Marlin
Other Local News
Other Local News
SaveZone VISAR Annual Fund Raising Beach Party Pictures
Alan Baskin
Renowned Diver, Passes Away (Island Sun)
B-V-I Guide
Foxy's 1998 Halloween Party
B-V-I Guide
28th Annual BVI Spring Regatta Successful Event
BVI Welcome Online
Current Lead Article  Archives
BVI Travel Reports
from Caribbean Travel Roundup
Foxy's Millennium New Year's Party on Jost Van Dyke reported no mishaps with a smaller than expected crowd, estimated at double the usual numbers of 3-4000. About 120 patrons took advantage of the $999 per couple event at Foxy's new "Upper Crust Room."
Culinary News
Culinary News
Saba Rock Restaurant and Resort Opens
B-V-I Guide
6/8/99: $25 Nightly Buffet with changing main courses such as leg of lamb, prime rib or pork roast. Sunday all day buffet 12-noon 'til 9 pm. $20 West Indian buffet with entertainment on Sunday afternoons, great views from observation deck ...fashion shows, bathing suit contests start in August. See Saba Rock Resort and construction pictures.
Island Sun Seven Golds for BVI Culinary Team
BVI Welcome Online '97 BVI Culinary Team Takes Gold
Island Sun No Fast Food in BVI - Chief Minister Says
Editorials Editorials
Island Sun Commentary: In whose hands....?
Environmental News
Environmental News

Norman Island
in Natural State

Norman Island has been purchased for $8 million by a group led by the Jarecki family of Guana Island and donated to the VINCI foundation to ensure its preservation. Often
called Treasure Island due to its association with Robert Lewis Stevenson's 18th century
children's novel by that name, Norman Island has an historic past that includes authentic pirate lore. Generations of visitors to 'The Caves' snorkeling site will applaud its preservation. The Billy Bones restaurant will stay and the goats will go. Plans include a museum, a nature tour and a botanical garden for native plants. See Island Sun Norman Island Leased to Vinci Foundation.


B-V-I Guide On March 18, 1999, BVI Conservation and Fisheries ministery suspended indefinitely all foreign commercial fishing licenses and instituted fines up to $500,000, citing the aggressive practices non-local fishermen and conservation needs.
National Parks Trust Newsletter Flamingo Hatching Update
CNN Earth's coral reefs in decline, researchers say
What's Happening
Island Sun BVI Hotels Voted World's Best
B-V-I Guide Island Music for descriptions of bands.
B-V-I Guide Updates:
Pirates & Privateers goes back to the days of sail and the Jolly Roger.
a Dee Carstarphen illustration from her cookbook, Maverick Sea Fare, as well as her recipe for seasoned salt.
Island Fish has fish baked in banana leaves, Blaff from the French Antilles, Baxter's Road Fried Fish, and Spanish
Fish Escabeche.
Windsurfing in the BVI looks at the BVI's little known excellence as a venue for this popular sport--nearly 100 boats in the HIHO-BVI!
This recipe for Callaloo inspires a song and a bit of island mystery.
Jerk Barbecue on the Grill opens a new cooking section, with recipes and Caribbean practices for vacation and boat cooking;

Tour of Shops, a virtual shopping tour, visits distinctive shops, places and sights around the islands; and
Life on Ridge Road goes up to the mountaintops of Tortola as well as giving specific directions to avoid getting lost up there.
Business News Business News
Beef Island Airport Expansion.
Island Sun
New Airport Terminal Takes Shape; Project Cost $55M
B-V-I Guide
3/20/99: To handle larger 70-80 seat American Eagle ATM aircraft (not jumbo jets) and greater regional traffic, the Beef Island airport is being modernized. A runway extension of 1000' into Conch Bay involving 80,000 tons of rock is planned, along with a larger aircraft parking area and apron for up to 8 aircraft maneuvering simultaneously. A completely new terminal building will be built with baggage conveyer, processing for 430 peak hour passengers, air conditioned departure lounge, spectator viewing, and a catering facility as well as greater passenger parking and a larger taxi ramp. The expansion will be done in stages and is expected to be complete in 2001. See Island Sun  Beef Island Bridge soon to be commissioned, NEW AIRPORT TERMINAL TO BE READY BY OCTOBER, Minor Disruptions, But Airport Development Project On Target for 2001 Completion, Airport Runway Extension to Begin in September, Government Signs Contract for Another Phase of the Airport Development Process and Beef Island Airport Expands to Accommodate New Airlines.
Sailing News
Sailing News

Tall Ship Sir Francis Drake Disappears in Lenny

B-V-I Guide 12/7/99:  Gail Torrey (email) reports: "All the passengers and crew disembarked the ship just prior to the hurricane in St. Martin (French side).  The ship was tied to a huge commercial ship mooring buoy in Marigot Bay, where it was attached with 15 lines and both anchors. Another tall ship was similarly moored at an adjacent buoy and it also has disappeared.  The eye actually passed over the area at least twice and we think both ships broke lose during the second or third pass.  We had a location from our EPIRB somewhere west of St. Martin/Anguilla, and the Coast Guard found a life raft which was determined to have been from the DRAKE, but nothing else.  It may have sunk in about 1200 feet of water - won't even be a good dive site.  We are very sad." Ms. Torrey was with the company for 11 years of "truly living" her job. More. Seen at The Bight: In Memorium.
Island Sun 3rd Annual Black Boaters Summit Hailed A Success
Island Sun Prince Andrew visits with VISAR, KATS and Royal B.V.I. Yacht Club
Island Sun The Moorings turns 30
BVI Guide
Second Annual Black Boaters Summit 9/30-10/7/99
Island Sun
Ms Paradise-World's Newest Cruise Ship Visits the BVI
BVI Guide Charter Yacht Society's 1998 Boat Show
Island Sun BVI Sailors Have Adventure on H.M. Bark Endeavour
Island Sun Royal Navy's Newest & Largest Ship Visits the BVI
B-V-I Sailing Guide Regattas for All Sailors--BVI Regatta Calendar
B-V-I Sailing Guide Sailing and Other Links. Sail to Tahiti, cure seasickness, read great sailing stories, and see the Gypsy Rover.
Stamps Stamps
Island Sun
B.V.I. Hero and Famous Islanders Honoured on Stamps
Island Sun BVI stamps salute 100th Birthday of  Queen Mother
Island Sun BVI Issues Stamps For Prince William's 18th Birthday
Island Sun 20th Century Philatelic Gallery Ends with BVI Churches
Island Sun Salt Island Stamps Win 1998 Popularity Poll
Island Sun
More Reptiles on BVI Stamps
Island Sun
THE BVI PHILATELIC SOCIETY: Carving it's Niche, Locally and Internationally
Island Sun Birds popular on BVI stamps
Island Sun BVI Stamps Depict Drake's World Voyage
Other Caribbean News Other Caribbean News
US Virgin Islands
  Good News Headlines
Radio One at AM 1000 is a news/talk station. Hear it live!
US Virgin Islands Update in Island New.
Virgin Islands Message Board
Virgin Islands Travelers Guide Magazine
St. John Tradewinds News
St. Thomas
St. ThomasThis Week
(the Caribbean News Agency)

CNN Americas Front Page

Caribbean Newspapers Links from Network Data Link
dianaqueenofpeoplesheartsIcon120w.jpg (7166 bytes) Island Sun Princess Diana's BVI visits fondly recalled.
BBC Archive Elton John performs "Candle in the Wind"
Island Sun Princess Diana Stamps in Great Demand
Weather Reports
ConciseGuideToCaribbeanWeather.jpg (3945 bytes)
Hurricane News
Hurricane News
Caribbean Weather Center  Satellite Imagery
National Hurricane Center Active Storm Advisories--click public advisory. See also Disaster Message Service.
StormCarib  Quick Hurricane Web Resource Locator
Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential-Caribbean Fields.
Tropical Weather--see Site Spotlight for tropical news.
Weather Channel
Tropical Atlantic Satellite--great overview of zone.
The Caribbean Hurricane Page
Updates from the Islands  Tortola
WeatherServer.net Hurricane Video Feeds (use Internet Explorer)
Hurricane Hunters
Stories & pictures   Hunting Hugo
CaribWx Forecast The 2000/2005 Hurricane Seasons
2000 Hurricane Season
Island Sun Hurricane Debby spares BVI
Travel Talk George: Anegada ok; eye passed over; 70\90 gusts
Tortola: ASail4U: "Unhurricane"
1999 Hurricane Season
B-V-I Guide Hurricane Lenny Aftermath
Island Sun
Jose Downgraded While Slamming Virgins
B-V-I Guide
Floyd Devastated Parts of Bahamas

Weather Reports
Local Forecast
CaribWx-Caribbean Weather Center in Road Town
Wave Forecast
FNMOC Surf Info and Naval Oceanographic Office
Doppler Radar San Juan and Virgin Islands from Weather Channel
Marine Forecast CaribWx
Five Day USA Today's 5 day weather forecast
National Weather Service Current weather at Beef Island Airport.
National Weather Service Current weather at San Juan Airport.

Other Weather Information
Island Sun
Caribbean Weather Guide Published
Amazon Books The Concise Guide to Caribbean Weather (Second edition), 1998 hardcover, $19.95 (note 4-6 weeks to ship). For quicker results in securing this book, see CaribWx's Book Page.
B-V-I Guide See Reports on 1998 Hurricane Georges
CaribWx Car Record Rainfall in the BVI in 1998?
NASA Visualization of Remote Sensing Data, Image Catalog-Hurricane Georges

FestivalCostume(Malone)icon.jpg (10714 bytes) August Festival-2002

Island Sun Festival 2002 Was a Success
Island Sun Festival Photo Gallery
Island Sun Mixed Reviews For Festival 2000
Island Sun BVI Culture On Display At Ishma's Culture Ville
B-V-I Guide August Festival--a general overview of the Festival

Island Sun See photo
BVI Welcome Online
BVI Festival 98 and 97 views of the Parade
Photo Credit: BVIslander Lenroy Malone

Montseratt Volcano Montseratt Volcano For latest news, see CNN Search, VolcanoWorld- Story, Montseratt Volcano Observatory, Gary Sego Photo on left, USGS/Cascades
Island Sun Regional Journalists Get the Real Story on Montserrat
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