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Online Cruising Course
Course Outline
Basics of Sailboat Cruising
The Cruising Sailboat
Operating the Sailboat
Man Overboard & Emergencies
The Cruise Itself

Lesson Plans
Planning a Cruise
Traveling to Caribbean
Handling Boat Under Power
Piloting Out of Road Harbour
Charting to Treasure Island
Mooring at the Bight
Using the Dinghy & Outboard
Barbecuing Jerk on the Boat Grill
Telling Sailing Tales at the Willie T
Cooking Breakfast on the Boat
Learning to Snorkel at the Indians
Getting Underway & Raising Sails
Reefing & Dropping Sails
Island Hopping by Sail
Anchoring in Seagrass
Resort Course at Wreck of Rhone
Examining Boat Parts & Jargon
Cooking Callaloo
Tacking a Course Made Good
Boat Balance & Trimming Sails
Reading Reefs at Savannah Bay
Charting a Course into North Sound
Night Lights on Boats & Buoys
MOB Drills in Eustatia Sound
Navigating the Camanoe Passage
"Blue Water" Sailing on Ocean Coast
Charting by Range into CGB
Post Mortem at Deadman's Bay

Sloop Parts & Jargon
Other Sailing Schools

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