Advertising Agreement

This Agreement between the Advertiser and the B-V-I Guide as follows:

For $_________ (_______________________________) per __________, the B-V-I Guide hereby agrees to provide on its internet site at the advertising described below.

Ad:     Graphical Icon [   ]        Square Ad [  ]        Full Page [  ]
B-V-I Guide Page Web Address(es): _________________________________
Site or File Name (if applicable): _____________________________________
Ad Time Period: _________________________________________________
Amount Paid: ________________

Dated: _________________
Advertiser (please print): ___________________________________________
Advertiser's Signature: _____________________________________________
Street Address: __________________________________________________
City/State or Prov./Zip:  ___________________________________________
Email, Fax and/or Phone: __________________________________________

Both parties agree that the B-V-I Guide reserves the right to cancel the ad and refund the Advertiser's payment as described herein as well as to change the B-V-I Guide's content relating to the size of the column, the page layout, the exact page on which the said advertising may appear or in any other manner. Should the Advertiser not be satisfied with content changes, the B-V-I Guide agrees to refund to the Advertiser the said payment for the Ad on a pro-rated, time remaining to contracted time, basis. However, the B-V-I Guide will work with the Advertiser to try to reach a mutually acceptable presentation.

Please print out and mail with payment to:

B-V-I Guide
4015 Chain Bridge Rd., Suite D
Fairfax, VA 22030

Seen & Agreed by B-V-I Guide: ______________________
Dated: __________
PS: Alternatively, pay via Paypal using this email address (
Log in to your account, click 'send money', enter amount, click "services" and click 'continue' and put a note with your name, ad name and 'B-V-I Guide Ad'.

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